Joining the Club – FAQs

Q: What’s the new member process?

To join Sydney District 4×4 Club you must have a registered 4WD and hold a current drivers license.  Before you join we would strongly recommend you attend one of our General Meetings and get a feel for the club.  Most of our members do this and it is the deciding factor in joining.

If you are interested in joining, simply complete the Enquiry Form.  The membership secretary will be in touch with more information including a link to the application form. Applications and payments must be received by the 25th of the month in order to be considered and voted on at the next monthly Committee meeting. Please note there are no meetings in January, so any applications submitted after the 25th November will not be reviewed until the February meeting.  Committee meetings are generally held the first Monday of every month.  If you are accepted as a new member, a membership pack will be given to you at the next General Meeting, generally held on the third Monday of every month.

Before you drive on any trips higher than a Green Circle rating, TRIP RATINGS, with Sydney District 4×4 Club, you will need to complete the Sydney District 4×4 Basic Training.  The cost of this course is included in the membership fees.  This training is held most months and includes a theory session followed by a practical 4WD training day out.

Q: How much does it cost?

New Membership
The Membership Secretary will contact you concerning payment of your fees.
Depending on the date you join the club, your fee for that year will be as shown below.
First Quarter: July to September = $250 ($150 joining fee + $100 annual membership)
Second Quarter: October to December = $225 ($150 joining fee + $75 pro-rata annual membership)
Third Quarter: January to March = $200 ($150 joining fee + $50 pro-rata annual membership)
Fourth Quarter: April to June = $275 ($150 joining fee + $25 pro-rata annual membership + $100 next year membership)

Renewal for Existing Members
Membership Fees for renewal are broken up as shown below.
Early Bird: 1 June to 30 June = $80  (Early Bird fees may change year to year)
Renewal: 1 July to 31 July = $100
Late Fee + Renewal: 1 August to 31 August = $100 + $30 = $130

Lapsed Membership: From 1 September to 31 May – Each Member’s situation will be assessed by the Committee and a fee determined.

Please contact the Membership Secretary to request the renewal of an elapsed membership.

Payment methods available: Cash / Bank Transfer / PayPal (Details provided upon application)

Q: Are there any restrictions on joining the Club?

To join Sydney District 4×4 Club you must have a registered 4WD and hold a current drivers license.  Generally speaking, a 4WD vehicle is one that has drive to all four wheels, a transfer case (i.e. low range) and higher clearance than a normal sedan.  All wheel drive vehicles (AWD) seldom meet this requirement.

Q: Do I need anything special on my 4wd before I join the Club?

No.  A 4WD as it is equipped straight from the manufacturer is sufficient.

Q: What will I need after I join the Club?

Once you join the Club, before attending trips you will be expected to have your own recovery equipment (snatch strap, rated shackles), a UHF radio (not just a hand held) and rated recovery points on your vehicle.

There is no need to rush out and buy the recovery gear or UHF radio.  Better to wait until after completing Basic Training with the Club.  The Club has sponsors that can assist you in getting quality equipment at an affordable price.

 Q: What are “Rated Recovery Points”?

Should you become stuck or be required to assist other 4WDs that are stuck, rated recovery points will ensure there is no damage to your vehicle.  These are essential safety items that surprisingly are not on all 4WDs.

Prior to completing Basic Training, 4WDs must have rated recovery points.

It is generally the case that 4WDs do not come fitted with “rated recovery points”.  This is because the strain placed on recovery points depends entirely on the circumstances of each recovery.  Hence 4WD manufacturers are reluctant to describe any attachment point as suitable for use in a recovery.

Attachment points fitted on most vehicles under the body of the vehicle are designed to be “transport” or “tie down” attachment points.  Similarly, manufacturers sometimes fit “tow points” and these are designed only for towing.

This means that “rated recovery points” are aftermarket items that are left up to the 4WD owner to have installed (preferably professionally).  Note that rated recovery points are needed front and rear of your 4WD.

If your 4WD does not have rated recovery points fitted, we suggest you attend a Club General Meeting immediately after joining and seek advice from the trainers before getting them fitted.

Q: What is “Basic Training”?

This training is essential to us as a Club, not only to ensure we have all members at a minimum standard, but to ensure our insurance requirements are met.  If you have previously completed 4WD training, the Club may recognise this training, however the club may still recommend a refresher course by completing the Basic Training.

Basic Training is held most months and includes a theory session followed by a practical 4WD training day out.

Q: Am I a member as soon as I submit my application form and pay my fees?

Not straight away.  The Club constitution sets out that new members must be voted in at a Committee meeting.  Committee meetings are held on the first Monday of every month except January.  Once voted in at the meeting you will be advised that your membership has been accepted.

After your membership has been accepted you can then apply to complete your basic training.

Q: What does membership/family membership mean?

Family Membership includes two adults and more than one 4wd (if for example both persons own a 4wd).  Both persons are entitled to complete training within the Club and both entitled to drive.  Once both people are trained, you can swap drivers through the trip to maximise your enjoyment of the Club.

However, the membership only allows for one vehicle to be driven on any training event or club trip at a time.  If you should have more than one 4wd vehicle in your family you will only be able to use one vehicle per trip or training event

Q: Can I have more than one person as a secondary member?

No.  The family membership includes two people only that are entitled to be trained and drive.

Q: How soon can I complete my training after I join?

Basic Training is usually conducted every month excluding December/January.  Once you have been advised your membership has been accepted, you are entitled to request to be trained.  Every effort is made to train our members in a timely fashion, however in some cases there may be a delay depending on numbers being trained.

Before you take part in club trips, you will be expected to have your own recovery equipment to go with your rated recovery points (snatch strap, rated shackles) and a UHF radio (handheld or vehicle mounted).

Q: What training does the club offer?

The club offers a comprehensive amount of training including:

  • Basic Training
  • Sand Driver Training
  • Navigation Training
  • Trip Leader Training
  • Bush Mechanic Training
  • Night Driver Training
  • Winch Training
  • First Aid Training

Q: When would I need to complete more than the basic training?

Generally when you want to participate in more challenging trips, longer trips, intend to lead trips and/or participate in trips on Sand.  The membership fees cover almost all of the training offered within the Club.

Q: Are there fees in joining 4wd events and tours with the Club?

Trips are run by members for members on a voluntary basis.  There are no direct fees payable to the club for trips.  In saying this, some trips will have expenses such as camping/accommodation fees.  Every member is expected to pay their own way.

Because the club is all voluntary, you are welcome to run your own trips within the club once you have sufficient experience.  Please see the Trip Convenor to get more information about this.

Q: My Partner and I have more than one 4wd, do we need two memberships?

Your membership is considered a family membership.  This means it includes two adult family members and both are entitled to complete the Club training.  The membership can include more than one 4wd vehicle on your membership.  Despite it being a family membership, it still all falls within the same membership number that your will be issued.  This means only one vehicle can drive on a trip or training event.

If for example you have more than one 4wd vehicle within the family, both family members can complete the Theory component of the Basic Training, but only one person of the family membership can complete the practical component at a time.

Q: Can both people in a family membership drive?

Yes.  It is highly recommended that both persons in a family membership complete their basic training at least so they can drive on a Club trip.  This ensures that both parties are able to share the fun in four wheel driving.  Further, should there be the unexpected occurrence where one person in a membership feels unwell, the other person is then equipped with the necessary skills to take over the driving.

It is important to state that only one vehicle within a membership can be on the trip or training event at a time.  This generally means that only one person from a membership can drive at one time.

Q: How much does the training cost?

Most training is included in the cost of membership for both the primary and secondary members.  Friends/other family of members are not entitled to complete this training without joining Sydney District 4×4 Club.

Training that does incur costs include the nationally accredited training offered through the Club.  As this training is offered at a competitive price, additional Club requirements will need to be completed before participated in this training.

Q: What if I have other questions?

If your question hasn’t been answered above, feel free to email our Membership Secretary with your query

Q: That all sounds good – how do I actually join?

Complete the Enquiry Form, and the Membership Secretary will get back to you as soon as they can with the necessary forms and details.

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