The Club
The club was formed with a view to cater to people with all types of 4WD, from the new light weights coming onto the market through to the traditional heavyweights. Some owners are more interested in using their vehicle to get to out of the way places rather than the extreme four wheel driving offered by some clubs, although we are yet to meet a four wheel driver who doesn’t like a bit of a challenge. We are family friendly, and we encourage you to bring your children along.

What do we do?
Most of our trips are suitable for all 4WD’s to attend. While almost all of our trips involve four wheel driving, often this is so we can go sightseeing, bush walking or just relaxing, whatever takes your fancy. Trips can vary anywhere from a day close to Sydney, a weekend or long weekend, or even extended trips of up to a month. We even have purely social outings, like tenpin bowling!

 What do you need?
Some people who want to try four wheel driving think that, before you can even start, you need to fit out your vehicle with bull bars, winches, high lift jacks, light bars, and any other of the hundreds of accessories that the aftermarket industry has come up with. We do not expect you to have anything when you start except yourself and a 4WD, not even recovery gear, although we do expect you to get some basic recovery gear within a reasonable time. Everything else can wait until you have had time to decide what gear fits your needs and your budget.

Our weekend trips usually involve camping out, so you will need a tent and a sleeping bag or something along those lines. As with recovery gear, if you are short of something there is bound to be someone who can help out.

At Sydney District 4×4 Club the number one rule is safety. The trainers and trip leaders care about your safety and that of the general public. Under no circumstances will a member be allowed to participate in any event if they are impaired in any way. The trainers and trip leaders are always on the lookout for any damage to a member’s vehicle that may make their vehicle unsafe.

All members receive basic training. Training costs are covered in the club membership so that members are able to participate in club trips. Once basic training has been completed, there are many other forms of training available to help build your knowledge and skills for a great day out. Trips listed for members cover a range of experiences from a nice social drive through the bush to something a little more hardcore for those wanting to see what their vehicle is capable of.

Training courses are run as required and in between, we coach people on our regular trips. If a trip is going to be particularly hard or unsuitable for the inexperienced, attendees will be notified beforehand so they can make their own decision, no one is asked to go somewhere if they feel they or their vehicle are not equipped for the conditions. We also run training courses in CPR & Emergency First Aid, Night Driving (Off-Road), Sand Driving, Basic Navigation 1 (Maps), and Basic Navigation 2 (GPS). There are currently more courses that are being developed, including Driver Training, Bush Skills, and Advanced Vehicle Recovery.

 Club Details
Sydney District 4×4 Club Inc
P.O. Box 7122 Baulkham Hills BC
Baulkham Hills
NSW 2153

email: secretary at

Our General Meetings are held at the Australian Hotel & Brewery, 350 Annangrove Rd, Rouse Hill, NSW 2155.


at Committee

President Craig Furness
Vice President Craig Upton
Secretary Clare Holloway
Treasurer Robert Benz
Membership Secretary Lea Furness
Trip Convenor Stephen Chapman
Head Driver Trainer Glen Coddington
Magazine Editor Wendy Thompson
Webmaster Brett Clarke
Information Officer Lea Furness
Technical Officer  <Vacant>
Catering Officer Glen Coddington
4WD Association Delegates <Vacant>
Public Officer Robert Benz
Purchasing/Equipment Officer Kim Coddington
Sergeant@Arms  <Vacant>
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