The Brasserie

Date(s) - 16/06/23 - 18/06/23
12:00 am


Join us for this iconic club event called “The Brasserie”

This weekend is about sitting around a fire and cooking in camp ovens. Saturday will see everyone cooking lots of different things from dampers, scones and scrolls throughout the day to curries, stews, roasts and more for dinner. If you have a camp oven but never used it then this is the weekend to try. If you want to cook in a camp oven but don’t have one then there are plenty of members with spares so just let me know and I will arrange one for you. There is nothing you can’t cook in a camp oven! It is great to be able to try all the different foods that are cooked and dinner is a smorgasbord! The idea is to cook something in your camp oven and come dinner time we put them all out for everyone to try each others creations! And of course we need a fire – big fire! This weekend will be held at Hartley and camping fees will be advised. There is no power so you will need to be self sufficient. There are toilets on the property but no showers.

This is one weekend you don’t want to miss.

Trip Leader: Kim Coddington
Minimum Training: None
Vehicle Requirements: 4wd
Extra Requirements: None
Supplies: water, food
No. of Vehicles: 99
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